One day at school I saw a world map on the wall. I imagined myself travelling to all the countries in the world. Then I realised, OK I may not be able to travel to all the countries of the world but I can cook through them. My name is Elly and when I started this blog I was 13 years old but I am now 15, this is the first blog I have written.

This blog could go for weeks, months or probably years. It will be about me cooking dishes from around the world for my family, consisting of MumDad, and brother Angus. I will go in alphabetical order of all the countries of the world cooking one, two or even three of their traditional dishes. It will usually be a main with either a drink or dessert, or maybe both! I will usually cook once every two weeks but it might be more or less often depending on how busy I am. Lets go!

If you wish to e-mail me recipes or tell me what you think of my blog you can do it at: whatsinellysbelly1@gmail.com

P.S I know my photography is terrible, but I’m working on it!


12 thoughts on “About

  1. What a superstar you are!!
    Really glad I found your blog! I’m so diggin’ the premises of it and am thrilled you’ve got it going strong!

    Keep up the impeccable work!

  2. Well I was one of the lucky ones to be there and try one of the meals and now I am a keen follower as the food was very delicious and scored high marks all round. (China was the one that I was honored to be invited to). So well done Elly and cant wait to see you around the world.


  3. Hi Elly. Wow Wow Wow. Poppy and I are browsing your site together. Poppy says it looks fab. I’m not much of a chef but this is inspirational. I’m thinking I’m going to have to try some cooking.

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