Dominican Republic


Unusual Fact: The Amber Museum in Puerto Plata houses the famous amber stone with a prehistoric mosquito preserved inside, which can be seen in the box office hit, “Jurassic Park.” Amber is a fossil tree resin found in only a few places in the world

Image – DS Lands

I swear some days my camera just wants to have days off. He protests against me deliberately not cooperating (or maybe that’s just my bad camera skills…..)

He says “Not today Elly, really, I just wanna relax”

At least after wrestling with my camera to take these photos I could immerse my self in the Dominican Republic.

Image – DS Lands

We made three dishes yesterday. First up was Berenjenas Guisadas con Cerdo, unless you can pronounce or understand that (I can’t) it means Braised Pork with Eggplants. A super simple meal which is full of flavour. I haven’t had eggplants in ages but they are super creamy. They make this dish. Some changes I would make is more vegetables, up the carrot and capsicum but keep the eggplant as it is because there is a lot of that already. I felt as though there was a lot of tomato but I did use canned tomato instead of chopping my own.


Next up was Dominican Ensalada hervida or Boiled Salad. Both of these recipes are from a blog called Aunt Clara’s Kitchen which is based in the Dominican Republic. Both of these recipes were sourced from the traditional Dominican recipes section.


This is a ridiculously simple salad and was a nice light accompaniment for our main dish. It did get a little hairy during the cooking when I had three potatoes, two carrots, a zucchini, and three eggs in one small saucepan. Unfortunately we did not get to try this salad with its proper dressing as we did not have any rice wine vinegar. So we had it with a balsamic dressing instead. I was also unable to obtain a christophine or choko as they are known here, so I used a zucchini.


Finally we had this drink, Morir Soñando or to die dreaming. This is a mix of sweet milk and orange juice. Which sounds like an odd combination but trust me it’s not. It is very refreshing which is stunning when it has been as hot as it has been here. Serve this with ice and sit back and relax.


Image from Ideas World
Image from Ideas World

Pork and Egg Plant

Mum 7

Dad 7

Angus 7

Me 7

Boiled Salad

Mum 5

Dad 6

Angus –

Me 6

Milk and Orange drink

Mum 7

Dad 7.8

Angus 8.5

Me 6.5


Braised Pork and Eggplant recipe from Aunt Clara’s Kitchen


1lb pork

2lb eggplant cut into small pieces

1 capsicum

1 onion cubed

1 carrot cubed

3 cloves garlic crushed

1 scotch bonnet pepper chopped (optional)

1 tsp fresh oregano chopped

3 cups plum tomatoes diced

Salt and Pepper


Season the pork with a teaspoon of salt and  a pinch of pepper

Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat

Add pork and brown

Add 3 tbs water and leave simmering for 25 minutes until tender add more water as needed.

Add carrots and simmer some more until meat is tender

Let all liquid evaporate

Add onions and cook stirring until translucent

Add remaining ingredients

Add another 3TBS water and simmer, uncovered over a low heat until vegetables are cooked through adding water as needed

Season to taste

Serve with white rice and salad


Ensalada Hervida – Boiled Salad recipe from Aunt Clara’s Kitchen


1 large christophine or choko

1 large carrot

2 potatoes

3 eggs

2TBS rice wine vinegar

2 TBS oil

Salt and Pepper


Boil the christophine, carrot and potatoes for 15 minutes, then add the eggs and boil for another 5

Remove from the water and let cool down to room temperature

Peel and cut into slices. Arrange on a plate

Mix vinegar, oil and add salt and pepper to taste. Shake and serve along side salad


Morir Soñando recipe from the World Cookbook For Students


2TBS Sugar

2 cups of evaporated milk or normal milk

3 cups orange juice

ice cubes (optional)


Stir the sugar into the milk until dissolved and chill until super cold.

Place ice cubes into glasses

Pour milk halfway into each glass

Add orange juice stirring constantly

Add ice cubes

Serve at once

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