Global munchies for the Commonwealth Games


Now that the Commonwealth games are in full swing, I though that I might bring you some global themed munchies that you can eat while you watch your country compete.


Brides Fingers

These sweet nutty treats are great to share…….or not


Afghan Brides Fingers
Afghan Brides Fingers

Pine Nuts and Spinach On Toast

This Andorran entrée will satisfy the pre-games hunger



Stuffed zucchini – Armenia

This pretty entree would be perfect finger food



Arabian Baked Bananas

You can eat these sweet bananas anytime you are watching a Caribbean nation compete




Austrian Cheese Platter

This is a simple yet effective and yummy platter

Recipe (do you really need one?)

Cheese Platter
Cheese Platter

Belarus Blinis

You can only eat a few of these oily potato bites – but it sure is worth it!


The full platter
The full platter

Bahamas – Lime Squash

A lovely refreshing drink to cool you down after a day of watching other people play sport – alternatively you could try the Chilean spiced juice


Lime squash
Lime squash

Bosnian and Herzegovinian Cevapcici

These European style sausage on bread are sure to spike conversation


The cooked sausages

Brigadeiros – Brazilian Truffles

These are heaven in a bite.



Chinese Dumplings/Wontons

I was so scared about making my own dumpling – but these are super simple and super delicious



8 thoughts on “Global munchies for the Commonwealth Games

  1. Dear Elly, what a fantastic idea! We will try most of them now we are off the Lite n’ easy for a while. XX Poppie and Grannie

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