Cape Verde


Unusual Fact: In 2005 there were 418,224 inhabitants on the Cape Verde islands. There are more Cape Verdeans living abroad than at home. There are over 350,000 in the USA alone. Cape Verdeans also emigrated to the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, others include Senegal, Angola, Luxembuorg, Argentina and Brazil. 




Right then, here we go with tiny African Nation number eight. But really I don’t mind. They have all given me very different flavours and meals. Every single country is different no matter how small or close they are together.

Cape Verde is an island nation comprising of ten volcanic islands. It is located off the bulge in West Africa. The official language is Portugese however most spoken, unofficial local language is Kriolu.

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One of the main dishes made in Cape Verde which is also recognised as the national dish is Chapchupha or Chapchupa Rica. There is another version of this dish also know as Chapchupinha. The main differences I can see between these two dishes is in the ingredients. Chapchupha generally has more ingredients and contains something called hominy. Now I don’t know what this is. I believe that sell it in supermarkets in cans in the U.S.A but I personally do not know what it is and where to buy it. If anybody does know what it is or where you can buy it in Australia I would love to know.

Another thing that Chapchupha has is more meat, in some recipe it has a whole chicken in it or pieces of beef. The chapchuphina recipe is a lot simpler.


This soup is really yum and flavoursome. I use butter beans instead of fava beans. All of the different textures in this compliment each other fantastically. All of the flavours are fabulous as well. The chorizo adds another depth of flavour into the mix. The coriander on the top is a must and so is the bread on the side. I loved this soup so so much.


Mum: 8

Dad: 8.5

Me: 9


This recipe is from Elite Life


5 ears fresh corn (or fresh off cob)

1/5 lb. (100 g.) chorizo (Portuguese smoked sausage),sliced

1/4 squash skin removed, sliced

1/2 lb. (1/4 kg.) fava beans, (or lima beans) fresh or dried

2 ripe tomatoes (or equivalent tomato paste)

2 tablespoons of olive oil

2 peppercorns

1 bunch of flat leaf coriander

1 large onion, sliced

Cooking Instructions:
Scrape off the fresh corn kernels into a boiler pot. Gently saute onion, chorizo, and pepper in olive oil. Add to the corn the rest of the ingredients and a sufficient amount of water. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and let simmer. Prior to serving, season with salt and garnish with chopped coriander (cilantro). Served with crusty buttered bread.


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3 thoughts on “Cape Verde

  1. Dear Elly, I was motivated by your enjoyment of the soup to try it and I agree that is is yummy. I served it as an entree, without bread, and my visitors really enjoyed it. It is hearty enough to be a lunch when served with bread. I will definitely make it again.
    I think all your country reports are very interesting – you’re doing a great job!
    love Sally Khoe

    1. Hi Sally

      I am so glad that you enjoyed this recipe. You are the first person to reply to me saying that you have tried a recipe on my blog. I am so glad that you enjoyed it. I hope that you can enjoy many for of the recipes.


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