Burkina Faso


Unusual Fact: Capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou. Written as “Wogodogo” in the Mòoré dialect, it literally means “You are welcome here at home with us”.

Burkina Faso. Who can honestly saw they’ve heard of Burkina Faso. Not many.  I have quite a few people ask me what is the next country that I will be doing. This week when I answered Burkina Faso I had to spell it a few times, repeat it a few times, explain where it was. So for those of you that don’t know where Burkina Faso is. Its in Africa, above Benin in the west. For those of you that haven’t heard of Burkina Faso, you may have heard of the Republic of Upper Volta. This small french nation changed its name in 1984 to Burkina Faso and broke away from the French rule.

burkina-faso-05 - DS Lands

BN19684 - DS Lands

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So what did we make make for Burkina Faso. Not much to tell the truth. Some spiced meatballs. We only made the one dish as there wasn’t that many recipes to be found anywhere. But this one recipe that we did make was amazing. The spices came through the meat perfectly. I couldn’t really taste the coriander though so next time I would add some more. We served ours with some sweet chili sauce and that was perfect.

According to some list Burma is the  next country. However Burma’s official name now is Myanmar. So we will be doing Burundi next.





Mum: 9

Dad: 9

Angus: 9.5

Me: 9

Spiced Meatballs


4tbs peanut oil

1 onion chopped

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp ginger grated

1tsp garlic, minced fine

1 tsp chili flakes

1tsp ground coriander

2 pounds cooked meat, lamb preferable, chopped roughly

1 tsp salt

3 eggs, lightly beated

1/4 cup stale bread crumbs

Het oil and sauté onions until translucent, then ass all spices and stir thoroughly .

Mix meat with salt and onion and spice mixture

Blend briefly with eggs in a food processor until just incorporated

Remove from processor

Form into 1 inch balls and roll in bread crumbs (about 30 balls)

Chill for 1 hour

Fry a few at a time in deef fat at 190˚C until brown. Drain

Serve with hot chilli sauce

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