Most Christmassy Recipes From Around The World So Far

Our tree

That time of year has come around again, schools out, ears are submerged in carols, eyes are looking at scenes of snow (I really don’t understand why they sell them here) and mouths are anticipating the taste of christmas hams and desserts. Well this year I thought that some of you kitchen travellers might want some global inspired meals in your christmas menu this year. These are in an order of entrée, main, drinks, desserts. So here they are the recipes that I think have been the most christmas worthy so far:

1. Belarusian Potato Draniki

These delicious but oily potato cakes will be a hit at any party you serve

A plate of draniki
A plate of draniki

2. Andorran Pine Nuts and Spinach on Bread

This nut and spinach mix is perfect for a DIY christmas


3. Bhutanese Dumplings (momo) with Ema Datshi

These may not look pretty but they sure do pack a punch of flavour

Ema Datshi and Dumplings

4. Two types of Austrian Dumplings with Beef Goulash

These dumplings have already been party test, but they would also be great for a simple homely christmas

Goulash and bacon dumplings
Goulash and bacon dumplings

5. Anguillan Stuffed Chick with Peas and Rice and Mushrooms

This has got to be o ne of my favourite rice dishes so far, and with the chicken and the mushrooms, it is off the scale

Stuffed chicken with rice and peas

6. A banquet of curries from Bangladesh

If you would like all of your christmas meals planned in a few seconds, look no further than my Bangladeshi post

The Banquet
The Banquet

7. A hearty stew from Belgium

This stew is perfect for any family gathering

Served Up
Served Up

8. Spiced Tea from Azerbaijan

This would be a great drink for that relaxing time after christmas lunch

Our cute teapot
Our cute teapot

9. Lime Squash from Barbados

This would be a great drink for an Australian christmas

Lime squash
Lime squash

10. Bolivian or Andorran Custard

Although I enjoyed the Andorran creme catalana more, my parents enjoyed the Bolivian baked custard

Baked Custard
Baked Custard

11. Australian Cheesecake

Every year at christmas time my mum makes a mango cheesecake, she  might have to change traditions now though…

Lemon Myrtle Cheesecake

12. Austrian Desserts

Both of these Austrian desserts are absolutely delicious, they would be perfect for any christmas

Apple strudel and sweet dumplings
Apple strudel and sweet dumplings

13. Ice cream from Antarctica

Even through this isn’t a traditional dish from Antarctica, this ice cream is a ripper

Raspberry Icecream

14. Belgian chocoalte mousse

This decadent dessert is well worth the wait

Chocolate mousse with flayed strawberry
Chocolate mousse with flayed strawberry

I hope that your festive season is full of joy and food. I have enjoyed compiling this list, I hope that you have enjoyed reading it and it entices you to start you own international cooking adventure.

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