Unusual Facts: Because Antarctica has very little rain it is considered a desert

Image by The Telegraph

Well here we are in Antarctica. Katrina (a reader and cousin) suggest  that we were to have raw fish this week. Sorry Katrina but we are having ice cream. I let Angus pick the flavour and he picked raspberry. I think it will be OK if just for this week we bend the rules a little. It was absolutely delicious, I made it in my ice cream churn and the recipe was so large it over flowed.

Me: 9

Mum: 9

Angus: 9

Dad: 8

INGREDIENTSRaspberry Icecream

500g raspberries

4 tbs orange juice

175g castor sugar

450mL whipping cream

In a food processor blend the raspberries and orange juice until a smooth purée. Stir in sugar.*

Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks and fold into purée. Pour mixture into a 1kg loaf tin. Freeze for 1 1/2hrs or until partly frozen

Turn mixture into a bowl, break it up with a fork then whisk until smooth. Return mixture to tin and freeze for at least 5hrs or until completely frozen.

Transfer to refrigerator at least 30mins before serving to soften.

*If using a ice cream machine follow the recipe until the end of step 1. Place mixture in the machine, churn and freeze.

6 thoughts on “Antarctica

  1. It looks great! Even better than raw fish ice cream! The penguins would love you as a zookeeper. Richard is wondering what exotic dish you’ll make for Australia? Kangaroo? Emu? Crocodile?

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