Why I’m here?

A couple of weeks ago I decided, OK I may not be able to go to all the countries of the world but I can cook through them. My name is Elly and I was 13 years old when I started this blog. I am now 14. This is the first blog I have written. I love cooking; I have my own cooking business which involves cooking for families who hate cooking. I have two family friends whom I supply dinners for.  They pay me for the ingredients and some extra for me.

This blog could go for weeks, months or even years. It will be about me cooking dishes from around the world for my family, consisting of MumDad, and brother Angus. I will go in alphabetical of all the countries of the world cooking one, two or even three of their traditional dishes. I will usually cook once every two weeks but it might be more or less often depending on how busy I am. Lets go!

6 thoughts on “Why I’m here?

  1. What a great idea. The recipe sounds wonderful and the ‘Angus Rating’ is a really good way to go. Looking forward to something from a country starting with Z!!!!
    Nanyan & KJ

  2. Have been browsing your blog – what a fabulous idea! I am looking forward to all the different dishes as it will help me planning my holidays …

      1. Absolutely! I have passed on your blog to a friend of mine who’s the same age as you and who is working on setting up her own. And I am dying to see what German food you’re going to choose 😉

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